Leading Regional Aircraft Manufacturer


ATR has relied on technological innovation
to build up its competitive position over the years

  • Performance upgrade for cost-efficiency
  • Maximum reliability and safety
  • Comfort for passenger satisfaction

Technological Innovation
to build up comptetitive position over the years

Through continuous innovation, the ATR aircraft family has proven its reliability and has evolved to the point that its average engine power rating has increased by more than a third, while maintaining the lowest fuel consumption in its category. Moreover, the exterior noise levels have been reduced by 10%, still matching the most stringent international ICAO rules.

The latest manufacturing techniques, an extensive use of composite materials, an innovative use of carbon fiber on the primary structure and high-tech engines and propellers make ATR the preferred choice of regional airlines.

The product and service standard go beyond what is currently feasible to better meet customer expectations and adapt to market changes. This tradition of continuous innovation has led to the development of a brand new series: ATR-600. This new aircraft generation stems from the development of three priority axes :

  • Aircraft performance enhancement for cost-efficiency
  • Technology upgrades for maximizing reliability, maintainability
  • Comfort and esthetic design for passenger satisfaction