Delivering customer
satisfaction worldwide

  • 100% service availability
  • Wide range of services & solutions
  • Permanent Technology Improvement


With close to 1,500 aircraft operating worldwide and dealing daily with more than 200 customers, ATR offers an unparalleled standard of Customer Services.

ATR has developed innovative and competitive support solutions to complement Operators' own capabilities, meeting various requirements and providing a costeffective level of service for ”off-aircraft” and ”on-aircraft” maintenance.

These services include: Training Center, Maintenance Services, Spare Support, Technical Services and E-services which contribute to improve the quality of our offer.

  • Customer service available 365 days/year
  • Comprehensive range of services to assist regional airlines
  • Continuous updating process to be more and more effective and closer of our clients

ATR listens to what customers are looking for both in the design of the aircraft they need and in the way ATR can improve its after-sales service. ATR is committed to helping its customers get the best out of their aircraft!