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  • ATR Biography (Chief Executive Officer) Filippo Bagnato Chief Executive Officer
    ATR Biography (Chief Executive Officer)

    Filippo Bagnato

    Filippo BAGNATO respectively achieved his Aeronautical and Aerospace Degrees in 1971 and 1973, at the Politecnico of Turin.
    He began his career in Aeritalia (which became Alenia in 1990) in 1973.

    After two years in the United States, at Boeing's facilities, he was the assistant to Aeritalia's Industrial Engineering Director.

    In 1976 he supervised a project for the development of the Company's information systems and became Director of Program Planning and Control of Aeritalia's plants in 1978.

    Then he was assigned Head of Aeritalia's Space Facility in Turin, in 1981.

    In 1987 he was appointed Director for Programs of the Military Aircraft Division of Aeritalia before he was asked to head the Military Aircraft Division of Alenia, until 1994.

    He was appointed Senior Vice President of Alenia's Technology Development Activities and New Programs and then, he became Head of Alenia's Aeronautics Division in 1996.

    When the Division was transformed into a Company, he was appointed Chief Operating Officer of Alenia Aeronautica Company. He was also Chairman of the Board of LMATTS (Lockheed Martin Alenia Tactical Transport Systems), Deputy Chairman of Aermacchi and Director of Eurofighter GMBH consortium, Eurofighter International.

    In September 2002, he was appointed Chief Executive Officer of Eurofighter GMBH in Munich.

    He was administrator within the ATR Management Board from 1996 to 2001 and Chairman of the said Management Board in 1996, 1998, and 2000. From June 2001 to June 2002, he was one of the Alenia Aeronautica's representatives of the Members Assembly of ATR.

    In June 2004 he was named Chief Executive Officer of ATR, until May 31st 2007. In June 2007, he became again Chairman of the Board of Directors of ATR.

    As of October 1st 2007 he was appointed Executive Vice President of the Technical, Industrial and Commercial Development Central Department of Finmeccanica.

    In June 2010 he is reappointed as Chief Executive Officer of ATR.

    • Filippo Bagnato was born in Torino in 1948.
    • He is married and has one daughter.

  • ATR Biography (Senior Vice President Finance & Chief Financial Officer) Eric Baravian Senior Vice President Finance & Chief Financial Officer
    ATR Biography (Senior Vice President Finance & Chief Financial Officer)

    Eric Baravian

    Eric Baravian graduated in Aeronautical Engineering from the French National Institute of Civil Aviation (ENAC) in June 1994.

    He started with Airbus in June 1996, as a Senior Analyst in Customer Marketing.

    In August 2000, he moved to Finance, in charge of risk analysis and pricing of Sales Financing. He then took responsibility of the team, as Sales Financing Controller in 2002.

    In April 2004, he was appointed Executive Assistant to the Chief Financial Officer of Airbus.

    In June 2005, he took the position of Head of Finance for Diversification Program at Airbus. This program encompasses various civil and military industrial activities on ATR, Hawker, Eurofighter, and Transall programs.

    In June 2007, he took the responsibility of setting up the Finance team, organization and systems for Airbus Final Assembly Line in Tianjin, China.

    Additionally to his role within Airbus Diversification Program, he became Chief Financial Officer of EADS ATR in May 2008.

    As of July 1st, 2010, Eric Baravian is appointed Chief Financial Officer of ATR.

    • Eric Baravian was born in 1971.
    • He is married and has two children.

    In Charge Of

    • Accounting & Controlling
    • Sales Finance & Risk Management
    • Information System
    • Credit Management
  • ATR Biography (Senior Vice-President Product Support & Services) Lilian Braylé Senior Vice-President Product Support & Services
    ATR Biography (Senior Vice-President Product Support & Services)

    Lilian Braylé

    Lilian Braylé is the holder of a Mechanical Engineering degree from the INSA institute in Lyons (1990) and a Master’s degree in business engineering from the INSA institute in Toulouse (1991).

    He began his career at Turbomeca in 1991 as an Industrial Power Generation Project Engineer. In 1993 he joined the Auxiliary Power International Corporation (APIC), a Turbomeca/Hamilton-Sundstrand joint-venture, where he gained practical experience of Civil Aviation and major airlines requirements. He was in charge of Product Support and Field Support for the APS product lines.

    From 1997 to 2002, he headed the Arriel engines, and then civilian helicopter engines Technical Support Department within Turbomeca (Safran).

    Based in Australia from 2002 as Corporate Product Support Director for Turbomeca (Safran), Lilian Braylé was in charge of establishing a new worldwide Corporate Product Support Standard. In 2005, he was appointed Managing Director of both Turbomeca Australasia and Microturbo Australasia, in Sydney.

    Back to France in 2009 as Group Vice-President, Customer Services for Messier-Dowty (a subsidiary of Safran group), he took the responsibility for technical support, logistics & material supply, sales & services as well as product support policy.

    After leading the customer support change management plan during the merging phase between Messier-Dowty and Messier-Bugatti, he was appointed Executive Vice-President Customer Support within the newly merged Messier-Bugatti-Dowty early 2011.

    Lilian Braylé joins ATR as of October 26th 2011 and is appointed Senior Vice-President Product Support and Services.

    • Lilian Braylé was born in France in 1967.
    • He is married and has 3 children.

    In Charge Of

    • Training & Flight Operations
    • Spares Support
    • Commercial Customer Services
    • Vendor Monitoring
    • Customer Services Relations
  • ATR Biography (Senior Vice-President Operations) Thierry Casale Senior Vice-President Operations
    ATR Biography (Senior Vice-President Operations)

    Thierry Casale

    Thierry Casale graduated in aeronautical engineering at ESTACA in 1991.

    He started his career at EADS Sogerma in Bordeaux holding different positions both in the production (engine run up A310 qualified) and support organizations before being appointed as the Airbus maintenance program manager in charge of production, planning and logistics with teams up to a hundred people to restore profitability.

    In the middle of 1998 he was appointed Airbus Maintenance Director and doubled industrial capabilities within one year, leading a team of 300 people.

    Three years later, he became Vice-President Operations within EADS Sogerma. He took the responsibility for line maintenance, fleet engineering, maintenance control center and field support. With a team of 100, he implemented and developed a full and worldwide support service for airlines operating Airbus aircraft namely A300, A310, A320 and A330. EADS Sogerma then moved from a MRO shop to a global support provider.

    In July 2004, he was appointed Vice-President Industrial Operations and managed MRO activities for aircraft and components, cabin completion for VIP aircraft and industrial support for the EADS Sogerma plants of Bordeaux and Toulouse, leading a team of 600 people.

    In 2005 he joined ATR as Vice-President Industry, in charge of industrial support for the second-hand aircraft market as well as of the new aircraft assembly line (including production and delivery), where he is accountable for a strong production ramp-up from 6 aircraft in 2004 to 64 in 2008.

    As of September 14th 2011, Thierry Casale is appointed Senior Vice-President Operations.

    • Thierry Casale was born in France in 1965.
    • He is married and has two children.

    In Charge Of

    • Industry (final assembly line and second-hand aircraft)
    • Quality
    • Programs control
    • Procurement & supply chain
  • ATR Biography (Senior Vice-President Commercial) Jacques Desbarats Senior Vice-President Commercial
    ATR Biography (Senior Vice-President Commercial)

    Jacques Desbarats

    Jacques Desbarats is qualified with a Doctorate in Atomic and Nuclear Physics from the University of Toulouse in 1970, and started his career with Aerospatiale in February 1972 in the Aerodynamic Department of the Design Office.

    He moved to Aerospatiale's Commercial Department in 1978 as responsible for negotiation and management of Concorde and Epsilon Aircraft contracts.

    He then moved on to the Commercial Directorate of ATR in 1982, taking on the responsibility of Aircraft Contracts Management, and of Aircraft Deliveries. In 1990 he became responsible for the management of Head-lease and Sub-lease Contracts, and of a newly created division for Second-Hand Aircraft Acceptance within the Contracts & Sales Finance Directorate, in respect of ATR's aircraft portfolio.

    In 1996 he instigated, and created, the "Asset Management" Business Unit of AI(R), a then newly formed joint venture, and was appointed Vice President Asset Management. On dissolution of AI(R), he became ATR's Executive Vice President Asset Management.

    After being appointed Deputy SVP Asset Management & Support Commercial in 1999 he was promoted as Vice President Contracts & Asset Management under a reorganized management structure at ATR, in June 2001.

    In July 2005 he was appointed Senior Vice President Contracts & Asset Management.

    Jacques Desbarats is now ATR's Senior Vice President Commercial, a position he took on in June 2007. His responsibilities extend to the negotiation and management of ATR's commercial relations with customers worldwide.

    • Jacques Desbarats was born in Gondrin, France, in 1945
    • He has one child.

    In Charge Of

    • Sales
    • Sales Studies & Marketing Department
    • Aircraft Contracts & Asset Management
    • Aircraft Acceptance & Administration
  • ATR Biography (Senior Vice-President Technical) Carmine Orsi Senior Vice-President Technical
    ATR Biography (Senior Vice-President Technical)

    Carmine Orsi

    Carmine Orsi graduated in Electrical Engineering with full honors from the University “Federico II”- Facoltà d’Ingegneria - of Naples in 1981.

    After an experience as “Radio Navigation” and “Electrical Systems” teacher at the Naval High School (Istituto Nautico) in Procida, he joined the aerospace industry in 1984 with Aeritalia (Alenia in 1990), where he started as Airborne Electrical Generation System engineer on the programs G222 and ATR.

    In 1987 he was appointed Electrical & Avionic manager at GIE ATR Engineering Support Department in Toulouse.

    In 1989, he became Systems & Power Plant director.

    In 1994 he was appointed Integrated Logistic Support director for the Regioliner program jointly developed with Aeritalia, Aerospatiale, DASA and Dornier in Munich.
    Back in Toulouse, he was appointed Vice-President Multirole Aircraft with the responsibility of “Preliminary Design” for ATR Special Mission platforms.

    Two years later, within AI(R) New Program Directorate he was appointed Systems & Project Management Director in charge of Concurrent Engineering definition and implementation for the AI(R) Regional Jet program with Alenia, British Aerospace and EADS.

    In 1998, back in ATR, he was appointed Vice-President Technical Services within the ATR Customer Support Directorate.

    In June 2001, he was appointed Vice-President Engineering.

    As of September 14th 2011, Carmine Orsi is appointed ATR Senior Vice-President Technical.

    • Carmine Orsi was born in Naples, Italy, in 1953.
    • He is married and has two children.

    In Charge Of

    • Design Office
    • Flight Testing
    • Airworthiness & Certification
    • Airline Technical Support
  • ATR Biography (Head of Human Resources) Xavier Lambert Head of Human Resources
    ATR Biography (Head of Human Resources)

    Xavier Lambert

    Xavier Lambert graduated from the Bordeaux Institute for Political Studies.

    He started with Lagardère Group in 1998 as HR marketing manager, where he was in charge of the development of the employer brand (press, internet). He then joined the Aerospatiale Matra Headquarters in 1999 with the same HR marketing functions.

    In 2000, he moved to the satellites manufacturer Astrium, where he spent four years as HR Advisor, then HR Development manager.
    He joined EADS Sogerma in 2004 as Career development manager, in charge of career and compensation processes, Executive development and as HR interface for Functional directorates.

    In 2006, he joined the Corporate Compensation & benefits department in EADS Headquarters, where he was in charge of Executive contracts, salary benchmark, Long term incentives.

    He has been appointed as ATR Head of Human Resources as of 1st November 2008.

    • Xavier Lambert was born in 1975.
    • He is married and has three children.

    In Charge Of

    • Personnal Administration
    • Employment & Resources Development
    • Safety & Hygiene
  • ATR Biography (Secretary General) Aldo Mucciardi Secretary General
    ATR Biography (Secretary General)

    Aldo Mucciardi

    Aldo Mucciardi graduated in Aeronautical Constructions at the Enrico Fermi Institute of Naples in 1970. In the same year he started  Commercial and Economic studies  at the University of Naples and in 1973 joined Aeritalia, where he began working in the military aircraft commercial department in Turin.

    In 1976, he left Italy for Seattle. He spent two years in Boeing essentially working on a joint business planning aimed to support the B767 aircraft launch decision process and the relevant partnership  scheme definition.

    In 1978, he was appointed New Business Financial Evaluation Manager of Aeritalia in Naples. He was part of the Aeritalia/Aerospatiale team in charge of defining the contractual relationship GIE/Partners since the onset of the ATR Program.

    In 1985, as Director, he had the responsibility of the Business Planning and Internation co-operations, always in Naples. During this period, he strictly worked with ATR and Aérospatiale for improving the contractual relations and the ATR financial performances as well.

    Beginning 1990 he was Commercial Director of Aeronavali (Venice). With the setting up of Alenia, at end 1991, he was called in Rome to take responsibility of the Alenia Aircraft Division Financial Controlling.

    In 1994, he moved to Turin as Director of Planning and Control of Military Programs.

    He joined ATR in the beginning of 1996, as vice-president, assuming various responsibilities as of June 2005, such as Logistics, Controlling, Contracts Administration and Asset Management.

    In July 2005, the Board of Directors appointed Aldo Mucciardi as the Secretary General of ATR.

    • Aldo Mucciardi  was born in 1949.
    • He is married and has two children.

    In Charge Of

    • Communications
    • Institutional Relations
    • Facility & Environment Management
  • ATR Biography (General Counsel) Frédéric Torrea General Counsel
    ATR Biography (General Counsel)

    Frédéric Torrea

    Frédéric Torrea holds a Masters in Business Law (DEA en Droit des Affaires) from the Toulouse Law University and a Masters in Political Science with an emphasis on economy and finance  from Institut d’Etudes Politiques de Toulouse.

    In 1991, he was hired as lawyer by Aerospatiale - Systems and Services - and, after three years, took responsibility of the Cooperation Department in this business unit.

    In 1996, Frédéric Torrea joined WorldSpace Inc., a company operating a digital radio broadcasting satellite system, first as lawyer at the company’s headquarters in Washington D.C., then as President of WorldSpace France, the French subsidiary of WorldSpace Inc.

    Frédéric Torrea re-joined the Airbus group at the end of 2001 as Senior Lawyer for Airbus S.A.S., mainly acting as counsel for aircraft-related procurement activities covering various practice areas such as contracts law and intellectual property law.

    As from the end of 2006, he took responsibility of the Airbus Procurement Contracts Department consisting of contract specialists negotiating the main procurement agreements and mastering contractual risks.

    In February 2009, Frédéric Torrea was appointed as ATR General Counsel and also is the company’s Export Control Officer and International Compliance Officer.

    • Frédéric Torrea was born in 1964 in Oloron-Sainte-Marie, France.
    • He is married and has a daughter.

    In Charge Of

    • Legal Affairs
    • Export Control
    • International Compliance
  • ATR Biography (Sales Finance Special Advisor) Giovanni Tramparulo Sales Finance Special Advisor
    ATR Biography (Sales Finance Special Advisor)

    Giovanni Tramparulo

    Giovanni Tramparulo is graduated cum laude in Economics from the University of Naples - Facoltà di Economia e Commercio - with business studies at Ecole Supérieure de Commerce et d'Administration in Lausanne, Swizerland.

    He started his career in the aeronautical industry in 1985 at the Treasury Department of Aeritalia (which became Alenia in 1990) in Naples with the responsibility of managing foreign currencies and moved in 1988 to the Headquarters of Alenia in Rome where he was responsible of Export Finance and Special Projects covering military and civil aircraft worldwide for all the divisions.

    Since joining ATR in 1992, Mr Tramparulo held positions of increasing responsabilities in the area of finance. He was responsible of sales financing for number of airlines in Europe, USA and Middle East. In 1997 he took the responsibility of the Department of Sales Financing and subsequently took over the responsibilities related to Credit Management and Risk Management.

    Mr Tramparulo is a lecturer for finance and aircraft sales financing at the Aviation MBA offered by LUISS Business School in Rome and French National Institute of Civil Aviation (ENAC) of Toulouse. Such MBA has been developed for the benefit of engineers working in the aviation industry. 

    In 2007, he was appointed to the position of Senior Vice President Finance & CFO. 

    Named in June 2010 Sales Finance Special Advisor,

    • Giovanni Tramparulo was born in 1959
    • He is married and has two children.