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ATR-600 Series

ATR-600 Series

engineered by enhanced technology

Engineered by enhanced technology, the -600 series is a large step forward in the regional transportation market.

The ATR -600 brings new operational capability to the ATR family through :

  • Outstanding performance at take-off on short runways,
  • Increased max payload,
  • Reduced maintenance costs,
  • Redesigned cabin,
  • Latest avionics technology.

Significant product upgrades and innovative solutions at the service of low operating costs and high reliability.

The ATR -600 Series enjoys the latest innovations in the cockpit with simplified, integrated LCD advanced functions, enhancing safety, improved handling for pilots and maintenance cost saving.

Three main developments axis:

  • Performance enhancement and expanded operational versatility
  • Technology upgrade
  • Improved passengers' comfort and appeal
ATR 600 development axis


  • New Avionics Suite with Glass Cockpit
  • Multi-Purpose Computer (MPC)
  • Paperless cockpit (EFB)
  • Integrated Aircraft Centralized Maintenance System (ACMS)

New Avionics Suite

ATR 600 Series : Cockpit View

The major design objective of new ATR avionics’ suite is to provide the crew with the most realistic picture of the in-flight situation and the most comprehensive displays of the aircraft systems, in addition to ensuring growth for future navigation needs and communication means by the end of the decade.

Simplified, integrated LCD advanced functions will enhance safety, reliability, handling for pilots, while contributing to maintenance cost savings and weight reduction.

The cockpit will be designed in order to replace most of the present instruments by five 6” x 8” LCD displays composed of:

  • 2 Primary Flight Displays (PFD),
  • 2 Multi-Function Displays (MFD),
  • 1 Engine & Warning Display (EWD)

ATR -600 Series is also capable of Category IIIA approach (landing with a decision height of 50ft), in addition to GPS capability for Non-Precision Approach 0.3Nm.

ATR600 Regional Aircraft Avionics General System Architecture

Multi-Purpose Computer

Performance Monitoring

ATR 600 regional aircraft MPC Multi-Purpose Computer

1 single computer for :

  • APM (Aircraft Performance Monitoring) providing crew awareness of in-flight aircraft behaviour
  • EHS (Enhanced Surveillance) required by March 2007, for aircraft parameters acquisition and transfer to transponders
  • ADS-B (Auto Dependent Surveillance - Broadcast) for aircraft parameters acquisition and transfer to transponders


  • Aircraft Centralised Maintenance System
  • QAR (Quick Access Recorder) allows to record FDR parameters on a PCMCIA card
  • G-Meter records flight and landing vertical accelerations without FDR reading
  • Maintenance/BITE monitoring availability of BITE messages in the cockpit; provides recommendations in plain text
  • ACMS (Aircraft Conditions Monitoring System) for aircraft parameters analysis for troubleshooting purpose
  • FDEP (Flight Data Entry and Printout) simulation (FDAU interface) plain text FDEP page in Computer Display
  • Engine Parameters Processing and Downloading
    [under development]

ACARS - Aircraft Communications

ATR 600 Regional Aircraft ACARS
  • Up/down-loading digital data via VHF network
  • Customisable with dedicated tools
  • Improved communication between aircraft, Operator’s base and ATC (Air Traffic Control)


  • Position reporting
  • ATIS report
  • Pre-departure clearance
  • Passenger service
  • Take-off data
  • Emergency report
  • Delay report
  • Fuel status
  • Engines report


  • Faster and more accurate information flow
  • Enhanced flight safety
  • Increased operational efficiency
  • Improved passenger service
  • Reduced crew workload
  • Reduced maintenance and operating costs

EFB - Electronic Flight Bag

ATR 600 Regional Aircraft EFB

Provides flight crew with a paperless cockpit, replacing the current paper-based documentation.

Pilots will have at their fingertips moving maps, graphical weather forecasts, terrain mapping and a variety of aviation data and functions.


  • Checklists
  • Aircraft manuals
  • Electronic charts
  • Performance calculations
  • Customer dedicated application

Integrated ACMS (Aircraft Centralized Maintenance System)

Automatic Pilot Flight Report

In flight/on ground data link when combined with ACARS

Improved Maintenance

  • Reliable system monitoring
  • Effective troubleshooting

Improved Dispatchability

  • Faulty LRU1 identification
  • Minimum Equipment
  • List (MEL) management

The new -600 series benefits from the widest cabin in the turboprop market, providing maximum passenger space and setting high standards of comfort.

New style interiors offer more baggage room and feeling of space.

The new smooth, soft lines of the ceiling and cabin side panels, re-shaped and re-designed to offer passengers more space and light, create an harmonious and balanced environment where traveling is a pleasure.

Find out more details about the Armonia Cabin by viewing the Armonia Cabin Brochure.

More pictures about the Armonia Cabin are available here.


Restyled Environment and Modern Interiors

These changes are included in a new cabin harmony definition, called “Elegance”, already selected by many ATR Operators.

To satisfy the most demanding airline and passenger expectations, new type seats are offered, modern styled and light weight concept, combined with outstanding low maintenance features, meeting the latest requirements of cost conscious airlines.

LED Lighting

Cabin lighting based on LED technology for warmer and more agreeable atmosphere with soft and diffused lighting.


  • Low heat
  • Low failure rate
  • Low maintenance
  • Low weight & volume
  • Low power
  • No radio emissions


  • High efficiency
  • High reliability
  • Much longer life

In-Flight Entertainment (IFE) System

To respond to market needs and evolving requirements coming from passengers and operators, ATR is now offering an IFE system for a more attractive passenger cabin.

ATR 600 Regional Aircraft In-Flight Entertainment (IFE) System


  • Integrated in PS
  • 5’’ screen
  • Up to 18 screens in basic configuration
  • Motorised
  • Low weights
  • Low maintenance
  • Increased ATR 72-600 operational weights
  • Improved « hot & high » airport performance with PW127M engine
  • Short runways capability (less than 1,000 m/3,280 ft).
  • 6° Steep slope approach (ATR approved for operations in LCY).
  • Unpaved runways certification (laterite, soil, gravel, grass).
  • Narrow runways operations, down to 14 m/46 ft width.
  • 4.5% runway max slope allowed.
  • 120 min ETOPS.
  • –45°C certification.

Find out more details about the ATR-600 series unrivalled performance and versatility by viewing the ATR-600 series Brochure.

PW127M : Additional revenues in severe environments

ATR -600 series is offered with increased payload, making the aircraft even more attractive, also in terms of operational range.

ATR is offering a more powerful engine: the PW127M, which delivers 5% higher thermodynamic power at Take-Off and Max Continuous ratings.

Thanks to the new ratings, performance will improve in terms of :

  • Take-off weight between 500 kg and 600 kg (1,100 lb to 1,320 lb) when limitations exist
  • Single-Engine Net ceiling increased by about 1,000 ft.

Short Runways Take-Off Performance (RTO 100%)

Thanks to full RTO takeoff procedure, ATR 72-600 can carry up to 70 passengers on a 300 Nm (550 km) sector distance (RW10, no wind, dry runway, 10°C).

ATR 72 aircraft have 6° steep slope approach capability, allowing operations into difficult access airports.

600 Series : Apt to operate at London City Airport (LCY)