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TRaining and flight operations expertise that only an aircraft manufacturer can provide

ATC is the Training Centre of ATR. ATC’s headquarters are located in the Toulouse – Blagnac Area, where Europe’s most important aeronautical industries, such as Airbus reside. This location for our training courses was chosen to take advantage of ATR’s Final Assembly Line, as well as the proximity of the ATR’s engineering and design department.

ATR Training Center provides a high level of training services with a full set of comprehensive training tools, each one adapted to a specific phase of the learning process.
Whilst both training programs and tools are updated on a regular basis, standardization of information is achieved by concurrently updating contents via all ATR instructors and by revising the supporting training material. This is to give the same message and the same quality of tuition to all trainees.

OUR TRAINING philosophy

Our objective is also to maintain a truly high standard of training and a comprehensive operational support at an affordable price for all ATR operators, whatever their location in the world (Geographical).

In order to achieve this objective, we decided to develop a training hub around the world, based on the existing Toulouse Training Center which is the ATR Master Reference Training Center (MRTC).

RTCs apply the same training programs and methodology as the MRTC. They are the initial point of contact for the airlines in the corresponding geographical zone. They have a direct link with and mirrorimage the MRTC, yet they are better placed to take into account the local constraints and to be in direct contact with local Aviation Authorities and Airlines.

This major first step in developing our training and flight operations support through a worldwide network of RTCs will bring the MRTC expertise and high standard of services closer to each one of our customers. Other steps will follow with more local support to be even more efficient, and to be getting always closer to you.

The MRTC is the International Reference for Equipment, Programs, Strategic orientations and Instructors standardization. Under the control of the MRTC, the ATR worldwide training policy will develop a number of Reference training Centers, (RTCs) around the world.



We offer state of the art technical equipment including: Modern classrooms, Fully equipped debriefing stations, Desktop trainers, Computer Based Trainer stations, Flight Deck mock-ups, A Flight Deck evacuation mock-up, Virtual Flight Decks, Virtual Procedures Trainers, Virtual Walkaround, Full Flight Trainers and Full Flight Simulators.



A full range of courses is included in our catalogue, and we can also adapt our courses to perfectly suit your requirements. We offer training for flight crews, cabin crews, maintenance personnel, operations engineers and flight dispatchers.
    Our track record speaks for itself: Around 3500 trainees attend our courses each year.
    The ATC training programs have been developed to reflect the aircraft characteristics as well as to meet the needs of its operators. Courses are carried out in English or French, or by special arrangement in the customer’s own language, using an interpreter. Applicants for our courses should be able to read, write and communicate to an understandable level in English.



All our pilot and maintenance training programs are approved by the French DGAC according to JAA/EASA requirements which is an internationally recognized standard and automatically valid throughout all European Countries.
    For customers not under the JAA/EASA regulations, we can provide customized programs submitted to each National Aviation Authority for approval.




Our training is based on a thorough task analysis, conducted by our specialists in collaboration with our customers.
From an educational point of view, the need-to-know concept combined with the “learning by doing” experience enhances maximum retention. All our courses are designed for quick and efficient use of the trainees within the airline environment. The vocabulary and phraseology used in Training and Operations are identical in order to achieve the required standard. The best way to reinforce acquired theoretical knowledge is to put it into practice. Therefore we include a Field Trip into our flight crew, maintenance and flight attendant courses. During the Field Trip the trainees will visit the ATR Final Assembly Line where they will locate the systems components on the aircraft.


Flight Operations suppoRT


The flight ops office is located in the ATR Training Center, thus taking advantage of its operational environment to support the airlines with a range of services to manage their flight operations ranging from technical assistance and detailed performance studies to on-site assistance.


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